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Damascus camp/hunter

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This is one I finished recently testing out the function of my new press.. The billet was originally going to go towards a commission of mine, but ended up too small :rolleyes: , I've been experimenting with different methods of assembly.. and am going to do a few more like this in the future.





-15n20/ 1080 mix At approx. 340 layers

-Brass bolster

-Nice lightly figured walnut handle, looks great in person.

-And a brass pin peened in place holds it all together.


Overall length is 9 3/4"

blade length is 5 1/2"

Handle including bolsters is 4 1/4"

blade width is 1 1/10"

thickness at spine is about 3/16


215 with sheath shipped


The lines in the finish you see are lines in the oil I wiped off before taking the pictures.. Also, I upped the contrast on the photo's to show the pattern, which altered the wood color a little. Its more of a walnut brown.

Fit is perfect, and there are no weld flaws of course.


Thanks for looking










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I really like this one. It looks like it'll perform very well as a working knife, and will be extremely beautiful while doing so. Great work.



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big "I desperately need materials" price drop..


215$ shipped with a sheath is as low as it goes.





If I had the money, I'd own this. Email me with a list of materials, I'll see if I can't at least get you some of the things you might need in the 'brotherly knifemaker' fashion! :)

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I like that one!

The step down you filed in the bolster is especially nice. I think that is perhaps the detail that really lifts the knife, even if I appreciate other elements as well. It comes together well.

Thanks for showing!

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