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Something completely different in damascus

Mick Maxen

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This has been made from a 2mm sheet of 140 layer damascus and forged by hand. The edges of the petals that show the pattern have been ground to 400 grit for the etching. I used a blueing /blacking solution to colour the steel and cut back the edges of the petals with 2000 grit to highlight the pattern. The centre is from a piece I had kicking about the shop.


The size is around 65mm wide / 2.5"











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Why..... that is simply outstanding work !


i just don't know how you'll top it..



top shelf







With a bouquet I would imagine and a matching vase.

Good look and contrast in textures.



Richard Furrer

Door County Forgeworks

Sturgeon Bay, WI

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I can't tell you much about the blacking solution other than I got it from a gun smithing shop many years ago. Its just a thin light blue liquid that I applied with a swab until it looked right. Then I washed the piece and rubbed down the petal edges with 2000 grit to reveal the pattern. Not very technical I'm afraid but it seems to have worked.


The photos above show the piece with no protective finish. As most of us on here know how to look after damsacus steel its not a problem left "as is". As this will be sold I have warmed the piece up and applied bee's wax. Its an excellent way of protecting the steel and has the advantage of getting in everywhere. The downside to this and a laquear finish is that the topography of the pattern tends to blend into one flat surface.


The photo below is with the wax finish,







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