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Two Panerai Buckles and Straps (SS/Leather - Mokume/Lizzard)

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Panerai Style Stainless Damascus (420/304) Buckle

24.5 mm long x 44 mm wide x 5.5 mm thick (1" long x 1.8" wide x .22" thick)


Handmade Leather Strap

130 mm x 85 mm
24 mm wide - 5.5 mm thick.


Panerai Style Mokume (Stainless/Copper) Buckle

31 mm long x 45 mm wide x 6.5 mm thick (1.26" long x 1.83" wide x .26" thick)


This is the first Copper and Stainless Mokume Buckle I make.


Handmade Lizzard Strap

130 mm x 85 mm
24 mm wide - 5 mm thick.






Much more pictures on the Custom Buckles and Straps Gallery of my website:





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Thanks for looking!




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That is just awesome. Your work never fails to inspire.


Do you think its possible to use your can technique with a hand hammer, or would the shock shear the welds? I don't have a press, but I would really like to make some mokume.

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