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Bob Ouellette

Small spear point fighter

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I know I haven't posted on here in a while, things have been a little crazy for me. This is a fighter I forged from 1084 with file work on the spine and a false clip filed on one side. The guard is forged wrought iron. Both the blade and the guard have been etched in vinegar to darken them. The handle is brown ebony with a fine silver pin. The sheath is brown ebony, yellow heart, leather, and white tail deer antler. Both the handle and the sheath have been finished with wax, and the leather dyed brown. All together, I think this is the best knife I've made to date.


New price: $275






Over all length is about 9"

Blade length is about 4 3/4"

Blade width at its widest is 1"

The guard is 3" from end to end.

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Looks like it would be a good user...

Good to see you back here... You back home ? if so welcome home...


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Jason, thanks. This is one of my favorites.


Dick, Thank you. I am home and have been for most of the time I've been away from here, except for a couple of months I spent in Colorado. I don't have a forge built and the facilities I've been using for the past 4 years are no longer an option. It's all political BS involving changing schools and a lot of money.

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