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Fiery Beard


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Leave it to Dee to go on a trophy hunt and come back with the biggest and the baddest, not to mention pretty darn near the best ^_^ !

It's a new age people, we're going to have to think of something bisexual to set aflame. :D

Way to go Dee!


Catch the wind in mainsails high,

Race the dark and stormy skies.

Land ahoy! To port we ride,

And there we drink our hearts to nigh.

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its odd though .. strange things have been happening since this head turned up.

you know .. the creepy sounds .. the things that go 'tink' in the night ..

and then i woke up this morning and someone has written "LEZAN" on my mirror...


le zan?

is that in france somewhere?


i just dont get it.






You need to write the letters for LEZAN backwards on something and hold it up to the mirror.. :o


Then you'll see that heavy industrial equipment must be in your future. ;)





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