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A San Mai Carving Knife and a Damascus French Nail Knife

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San Mai Damascus Carving Knife

San Mai damascus in 1010/304 with a 52100 core.

8 5/8" blade with an etched Ace of Spades - 13 3/4" overall length.

Handle in "Halloween" micarta. Mokume (copper/stainless) bolster. Handmade leather sheath.







Damascus French Nail Knife

Damascus in 420MV and A2.

8 5/8" blade - 8 3/4" overall length.

Handle in 1010/1070 damascus. Handmade leather sheath.


In case you're wondering how I've made the different damascus for blade and handle, I've places different steels on each end of the capsule.







More pictures on the Gallery of my website:





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Thanks for looking!




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Thanks guys! :)


Maybe it got "lost in translation" It is a knife to stick meat in the middle so later on you can fill it with cool stuff like cheese, bacon, vegetables, etc before putting it to cook. We call that "mechar" the meat, so in Spanish the knife would be a "mechador"



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