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prettish san mai..

Kenon Rain.

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If you cant tell in the pics.. (it was wet out) the outer layers are wrought, with a 1095 core.. hardened up nicely, and very easy to straighten by hand thanks to the wrought.. which brings up the question.. for a jsmith test, can you use a san mai blade? this one would ace the 90' bend..

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"The Journeyman Smith may test with any forged homogenous carbon steel

of his or her choice. No Damascus steel (pattern-welded) or other forge-welded material

(welded cable, etc.) will be allowed for this test."


Alright, so dumb question time, is that line on the blade a hardening line? Or is it the seam between wrought and 1095?


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both actually, it seems the wrought acted like a clay coat.


Perhaps some carbon migration is going there? *Very* nice knife!

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There are also some cool holographic effects too..


That's the carbon migration making the layers on the wrought show up better. Pretty darned cool effect, eh? B) I have a wrought hawk I'm working on right now with a W-1 edge that even has that cool frosty white effect like a good hamon on the wrought/steel transition.

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kenon- I missed this, I was at ashokan.

this is a very nice blade. good skill set. and really interesting outcome. As I get more into this stuff, I am coming to appreciate the beauty of hamon and hada. I still favor damascus overall, but kives like this have a subtle elegance that is really appealing.


now - go make some hammers. :D



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