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Fredricks cross help

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I beleive i asked this once before somewhere else but I cant find it.


Does anyone have clear photos of how to make the fredricks crosses? I saw anvilfires tutorial but the hand sketch doesnt tell me clear enough to understand so I was hopin someone here had some actual images of the layouts prior to forging and some step by step during forging.


I was asked to help make one next week but right now its a very cloudy thing for me to figure out from the drawings

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so long as the cuts from each end overlap at 90 degrees there is going to be a hole in the middle when it is unfolded. how much they overlap dictates how big the hole is going to be. simple as that. some trial and error coupled with intuition if you have any, and you'll have pleasing proportions figgered out in no time.

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I put one up on PF's but it slide down the page into obscurity.


If anyone is interested I can dig up the pics and post them here. Just make sure you bookmark the topic before it goes into the forum ethers.



I used a band saw for the initail cuts vs hot cutting. It's faster and comes out cleaner.

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