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Oversize scalpel

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A knife with no purpose.

I had a leftovers from katana blade and here is what I made from it. Integral is easy to make (what's more important,to finish) if only the edge is hardened.


Blade: Layered carbon steel+wrought iron, with wrought iron core. Hardened with clay.

Handle: mild steel, tombak, grenadil


Photos by Toomas Huik

I'm sorry I had to crop his well composed pictures:(










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Tonu. Elegance, style, craftsmanship. And all from leftovers. :rolleyes:

A knifemaker's knifemaker.

Well done.



Edited by Jim Kelso
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I agree with Petr and Jim. B) Your mastery of line, form, and material is second to none.


I'm also happy to know that someone else knows what tombac is! :lol: I haven't encountered that term since the last time I studied 18th century English coat buttons.

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I agree with everyone else. Really beautiful expression of form.


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That is a little stunner, beautifull I love little knives.




Tombac is a brass with high copper contend I believe it is also called Gilding metal it was often used as a base metal on which a thin layer of gold was fused.

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