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Robert Burns

rustic bowie

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this was a project of firsts and my 7th knife so I made tons of mistakes that I will try my best not to repeat :blink: but anywho steel is 5160 double tempered and edge quenched in oil so this was my first hamon but i couldnt get good light on it...handle is pine with gun stock stain and mild steel guard...i gave it that rough look by soaking it in boiling vinegar for a few minutes and then gently rubbing it with 400 grit sand paper...since there were so many errors in the knife (gap between guard and ricasso, smeared finish on the handle and poor pin placement etc) Ill be keeping this one as a personal chopper since the blade seems to be very good for that ^_^


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Good piece of work, antigoth! Nice looking bowie ;)



thanks mike! I am definitely going to have to give this one another go and try to fix all those mistakes! ^_^

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