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This is one from Hong Kong. (which is an amazing place)


probably not the place to post "vacation" photos but I thought I'd share one.


This is the biggest sitting Buddah in the world (112 feet tall)

made of bronze. It's at the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island.


shot on Ilford Delta 100




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Tian Tan Buddha.


Good picture, Ric. I used to visit fairly regularly but it's been a while since I went.

You've inspired me to make the trip again.


You get any shots of it in its lofty throne, ie. with the hills as background?

The above shot doesn't really indicate its size.

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Thank you, That's so cool you live in Hong Kong!

That would have been neat to have met you there.


My wife and I were on a bus tour when we went

so we were not able to stop and take a shot of it from down below.

It really is amazing to see it sitting up there as you drive up.

I would have liked to spent more time exploring all around.


Did you ever get to hear the bell ring?



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