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A SW Frontier knife and sheath

Wild Rose

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Haven't been around to post for a while - too many things keeping me busy, but I just finished this one Wild Goo 28 and am tickled pink so..........



Here's 1840's era SW Belduque style knife (I say style since original belduques were generally integrals, although the iron tang and bolster(s) were often forge welded to the steel blade rather than being formed in one piece –steel was expensive back when). The 8 3/8" blade was handforged by mi compadre Tai Goo with file work on the spine by me. The grip is has a pewter bolster and the wood is crotch grain hickory "repaired" with a deer rawhide wrap and decorated with some simple incise carving and brass tacks. Although hickory is not native to the SW it is a wood that would have been available after the opening of the Santa Fe Trade between the US and Mexico in 1821.


The beaded sheath is in a southern Plains style and the decoration is based on three originals. The core is heat hardened bark tan leather with a braintan cover. The blue, white, and amber 8/0 pound beads are typical colors used during the early period as is the larger size. Other decoration consists of beaded fringe with tin cones and buffalo hair tufts.


Everything was then aged to give it that used but not abused look.......



Enough of explanation here are the pics..............



















Chuck Burrows

Wild Rose Trading Co



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