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Stuff I made

Klaas remmen

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Because I am new on the forum, i'd like to show some things I made in my past years as a student-blacksmith. these are just random things I already have online, just to show some things...

Hope you like it!



Olive wood_C-70 with hamon and bronze. it's revetted.




Little axe, now it had a handle on it.



I made this out of a railway



Spider, everything is revetted



bigger axe




Wood chizzles, for my twinbrother.



This I made for my mother at our home, was in the beginning of my blacksmithing and I hate to see it now.. very much electric welding ^_^



this one also for my mother, she cooks with that every day



A rose



Big axe, with just the steeledge welded in



Some mokumé



Thanks for watching,



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Stunning work and a great repertoire too. Love that big axe head.

"He who seeks rest finds boredom. He who seeks work finds rest." Dylan Thomas

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Awesome stuff, I especially like the spider!


Very inspirational, thanks for sharing. :D

Marius A. Bacher


"To learn and not think over what you have learned is perfectly useless. To think without having learned is dangerous." - Gore Vidal

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Wonderful work! How did you finish the flower?


Hogan Baker

"Stale water is poor drink. Stale skill is worse. And the man who walks in his own footsteps only ends where he began."


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Thanks for the replies.


@hogan, how do you mean finished?

I Made the leaves by hammering with a very pointy hammer.

The color is simply from the final treatment, I heat it to a heat when beeswax melts very fast and let a little beeswax melt over it, most of it burns away but a little thin layer stays. This way the iron is very well protected, more than you'd think.

make sure you don't melt too much though, then it becomes sticky.

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nice work... the axe with the welded bit at the bottom is my fav


definitely do some nice work !


thank goodness no spider like that is alive... i'd have to wear chainmail and sleep with one eye open ;)




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