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My first use of the clay coated quench

Phillip Jones

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Here is my first knife that I used a clay coating on the back of the blade during the quench.  The blade is 7" of forged 1084 with an overall length of 12".  The guard is damascus that transitions between the etched blade and the nickel silver spacer.  The handle is african blackwood. I liked the hamon that I got and will be playing around with the clay quench some more.  Any tips or tricks to the clay coating process?




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Any tips or tricks to the clay coating process?

What are you using to clay the blade with? It seems like a chunk popped off at the turn back at some point...?.... If it did you might try to run some wire (number 22 iron wire) around it to help it stay on... I got that tip from Bob Engnath's site:


Clay coating page


Also if the clay isn't dry when you heat the blade it will pop off or explode  :P


Great looking Knife though and the hamon stands out real nice..

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