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Hey everyone, there will be an historic event at Middleton Place to offer a glimpse of past during Plantation Days.

There will all sorts of demonstrations going on, but the one that we all are interested in is the blacksmithing one. Now I know this event is not all about blacksmithing, but a part of it is. And if anyone lives in the area or is close by and is curious to see how it was done back in the day, this is a golden opportunity.

Ron Vido will be the blacksmith interpreter.


When: Saturday Nov 6 and Sunday Nov 7.

Hours : 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Admission prices : Adults $25, children 6 and under, free. Active duty military with valid ID and immediate family also are free.


Activities included are complimentary garden overview tours offered on the hour, African American Focus Tours and all activities associated with Plantation Days.


For more information:



or toll free at 800-782-3608


Thanks everyone for your time, hope to see you there. And of course ill be near the blacksmith all day.

Harrell Forge

Gallery of completed and current work here:


"Hit it while it's hot"

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I went to Middleton Place about 3 years ago. It is a really interesting place! I remember meeting the resident blacksmith, really nice fellow, but I don't remember his name (It was before I got interested in forging). If you can go, you really should!


~Hogan Baker

"Stale water is poor drink. Stale skill is worse. And the man who walks in his own footsteps only ends where he began."


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