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Some knives I've made lately

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San Mai Damascus Nessmuk Knife

San Mai damascus in 1010/1070 with a 5160 core.

Overall length is 8" with a 3 1/2" cutting edge. 3 3/4" from tip of the blade to the handles. 1/8" thickness.

Full stag handle. Lanyard hole and tube. Damascus (1010/1070) lanyard bead. Heavy duty hand made leather sheath.





Cable Damascus Neck Knife

Heat colored cable damascus (1085).
85mm (3.34") long, with a 47mm edge (1.85") It's 5mm (0.19") thick at the handle and tapers towards the tip. Stag lanyard bead. Neck carry leather sheath.





Cable Damascus EDC Knife

Cable damascus (1085)
8" overall length, 3 1/2" cutting edge. Lapacho wood handles and lanyard bead. Decorative cable / brass pins. Hand made leather sheath.






More pictures on the Gallery of my website:




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Thanks for looking!




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Ariel, I enjoy seeing your work. You did a cable knife before with the unwelded spine and they look great, thanks for sharing. I like the pins on it too. Jim

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Guys,i'm not trying to speak for Ariel....but that said, i think on his webpage he mentions this... those spines are welded(in a swage)...just not forged out...

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