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Customized Emerson Horseman (San Mai blade, Mokume and Stag handles)

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I just finished this one for one of my regular customers as part of my "learning how to make my own folders" process.


In case anyone's wondering, I agreed to make the reblade as Mr. Emerson doesn't offer san mai blades and because one of the requests from my customer was a no-wave blade.

To keep things clear, I also engraved "Base knife: EKI Horseman. Work by AES" on the inside of one of the liners. Can't take a picture of that without disassembling the knife, but it's easily readable with the knife opened.


That said, here's the knife!


Customized Emerson Horseman


Base Knife: Emerson Knives Horseman.



- San Mai Damascus (carbon 1010 and stainless 304, with a D2 core) re-blade.

- Deer stag handles.

- Mokume (brass/copper) dovetailed bolsters, backspacer and opening disk.








Much more (and bigger) pictures on the Gallery of my website:





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Thanks for looking!




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