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Gib Guignard - In Memoriam........

Wild Rose

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Rich Slaughter started a thread in remembrance of Gib elsewhere and he's been on my mind all week since it's his birthday this week and I was working on a piece using one of his blades.

Here's a few CactusRose (the name for our collaborations) pieces with blades by Mr. Gib - who is sorely missed for his friendship as well as his talents.. one of these days I'll get them all posted on my site - so far there are 39 CactusRose pieces........

















I have just a few more blades of Gib's left (some knife, a couple of hawks, and two for warclubs, and will be slowly but surely finishing them up) - I have two built that are waiting for sheaths, one which is a VERY special piece that Gib made especially for my birthday the January before he passed on and will stay with me.................I'll take a pic later and post it for your enjoyment.....


Anybody else that has pics of pieces by Gib, whether CactusForge or CactusRose please post them...........

Chuck Burrows

Wild Rose Trading Co



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Gib's talent and creativity are among the best. What a marriage of style and craftsmanship you two had. Perfect!!!



Jos et löydä rauhaa itsestämme on turhaa etsiä sitä muualta.

If you can not find peace within yourself, it is useless to look elsewhere.

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