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Nils Anderssen

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Nils, I was curious about a photo on this page http://www.vikverir.no/ressurser/hist_mus_oslo_no_viking/?dir=&page=22# It is the 14th picture (3rd row from the top, 4th pic in from the left) Is this a flint striker? If so, I would love to get some approximate demensions of it and any other information about the flint strikers on the site

Thanks, in advance for anything you can tell me


Dion Grethen


D. Grethen Hand Forged Iron



"In fire iron is born, by fire it is tamed"


"Never touch the blacksmith's hammer . . . or his daughter."

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Yes it is a flint striker and it is about 8 cm long. The other ones on the site have approximately the same size.


In this picture, at the bottom left on some glass there is one. That is dated to about 800 and is from a grave with a man and woman.


The upper one in this picture is from the 9th century. The second one is "Iron Age/Middel Age and the third one is from the 10 century. The one on the table is dated "The Viking Age".


This one is from the 10th century found in a male grave.


They are all found in southern Norway.


It is cool to see that the design has not changed for some 500 years... why change something that works ;)



Hope this helps.




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Thanks for the kind words! It is a lot of work putting it together so it is so it is nice to know that they can be used to something useful :)

I am not an experienced craftsman, so it is god to contribute in another way.


I have just updated the gallery with 1300 pictures from different museums in Paris. Among those is the sword exhibition at Cluny (some 800 pictures).


As usual they can be found here.


Hope you like them :)



All the best,



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Whats going on with the skull that has something stuck through its nasal area in the copenhagen exhibit pictures.

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It hast just been to long since last update... but here it is :)
You can as usual find the page here:
Highlights are:
* Extremely high resolution pictures of 9 swords. Some of them as large as 30 000 x 5 000 pixels and almost 60 mb. They are composited together by multiple shots and have a huge amount of detail.
* Pictures from the now closed Illerup Ådal exhibition in Moesgård, Denmark.
* A couple of new and interesting articles, books and links
* Almost 500 new pictures added.


Hope you like it :)
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Thanks for your continued efforts in this Nils these photos are an invaluable resource for those who cant make the trips to see these objects in person.

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