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striped elegance


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it´s a while since my last knife here,

I´ve been quite busy...and got a bit too lazy for posting-


but here is now one of my newer knives:


W1 forged

gidgee (australian striped wood)

some carvings

total 21cm

sharp: 9cm

thickness: 4,0-1,5mm


hope you like it-























My Webpage


ceterum censeo ferrum esse cudendum!

gerhard a.d. 2007

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Very fine. I love all of the little touches.




"The worst day smithing is better than the best day working for someone else."


I said that.


If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.

- - -G. K. Chesterton


So, just for the record: the fact that it does work still should not be taken as definitive proof that you are not crazy.


Grant Sarver

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Sir - that is beautiful. Is there any chance you would ever do a photo tutorial or explantion about how you get the bolster and spine to look like that. You have a unique and beautiful style. Don't worry, you could not only take pictures to show us -- you could come to my house and try and teach me every day for a year and I still wouldn't be able to copy your work.

still, its really elegant, and I would like to know a bit about how it is done.


thanks for sharing,



please visit my website http://www.professorsforge.com/


“Years ago I recognized my kinship with all living things, and I made up my mind that I was not one bit better than the meanest on the earth. I said then and I say now, that while there is a lower class, I am in it; while there is a criminal element, I am of it; while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.” E. V. Debs

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Hey glad to see you posting again, was just thinking about you the other day wondering where you'd gone.

So if you've been busy that means you've got lots more you can post right?

always love seeing your work.


Great piece!

Beau Erwin


Custom knives

Bcarta Composites

Stabilized Woods

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I wasn't expecting to see " improvements"....just the usual for Gerhard... Thanks for getting off your ass and postinglaugh.giflaugh.gif I'm so glad you didtongue.gif



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Add my voice to the chorus. I love your work. You have a good eye for the flow of lines.

James Helm - Helm Enterprises, Forging Division


Come see me at the Blade Show! Table 26R.


Proud to be a Neo-Tribal Metalsmith scavenging the wreckage of civilization.


My blog dedicated to the metalwork I make and sell: http://helmforge.blogspot.com/

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thank you all for the numerous posts with your kind words!

I`m glad you like it!


the shaping of the integralpart is no special tecnique nor you need a special tool-

it´s only a stupid and long filing, sanding, smoothing action...


here are some WIP-pics of another project I made together with uli hennicke some years ago:


http://www.messerforum.net/showthread.php?t=66767 please scroll down through 3 sides, you´ll find some pics of the finished knife too..


this was a little tutorial for tight fitting:





you make me feel so bad....but you´re right- I will post a bit more in future!



promised to get off my ass more often for posting....and I hope it will reduce my weight a bit! ;-)))



to the weekend I´ll post the next one- a totally different knife...


best regards


My Webpage


ceterum censeo ferrum esse cudendum!

gerhard a.d. 2007

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Great work as always. The flow and balance of the design is great. This is one of the nicest integrals I've seen.

Check out Walter's instructional videos:

Forging Japanese Style Blades

Making Hamons

Japanese Sword Mounting


Making Japanese Sword Fittings

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