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Chinese Zombie Choppers

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Hi All


I have been working on these for some time now, but finally I have something to show.


A pair of Chinese Wing Chung or Butterfly swords, with a bit of a difference


Blade forged from 400 layer 1095, 1045 & 15N20

Guard forged from 180 layer iron, 1045 & 15N20

Total lenght 16 inch, blade 11.5 inch and 2.75 inch at the widest point.

Ebony handle with brass fittings.

The blades are chisel ground.


These knives will fit into one scabbart next to each other, that is why the handle is half round.

The scabbart will be made from Ebony and brass.






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I bet they slice like beasts.

Exactly what I was going to say.

I love butterfly swords, they are the only historical reference, that I know of, that refer to using two, not one, but two fighting knives together. Which is how I prefer to fight.

How do the half-circle grips feel like in the hand when they are separated?

Very cool


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When I saw the heading zombie choppers (sorry, but I truely detest the "living dead" movies) I thought: not again. Glad I finally took a look. Those knives are a fantastic interpretation of historical weapons and a real work of art.


Doug Lester

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That is one of the most beautiful pattern-welded steels I've ever seen! The design of these blades is very cool, too...is that a traditional shape?

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Thank you guys


Richard, Yes it was a nightmare to get the guards to match, I am working on the scabbard at the moment.


Dough, I tend to agree with your opinion of the "living dead movies", these are such big choppers that I could not resist the name.


Orion, No they are not the original shape, it is a cross between a sword I made in the past that my customer liked and the original Butterfly knives.

The pattern was just done on my press, since the bar I was forging this from was about 3 inch wide my 17 ton press was struggeling so I chose a narrow set of dies after each pass I ground the tops off.


Here are a few pics of the construction of the blade collar, I also silver soldered a back plate to the whole thing but forgot to take a pic.


The pics are not quite in the right order but I am sure you can make sence out of it if not let me know.









Edited by Richard van Dijk
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Well done mr Richard! Well done indeed. I like these a lot. You are talented smith sir. Love seeing some of your silversmithing tools too! Post more :)

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Nice to read you and see your production again, Richard!

Impressive production!


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