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I got me self a old Beche...but :(


If formun has member that is owner or know´s how is owner

of similar air hammer Beche 65 kg...would love to hear info.


Secondary valve should have sort of backpreasure in side of it...and this

part is missing?








Beche 65 II.jpg


Beche 65 II valve.jpg


You see in this pic the place of valve...half tread only ??


So if anybody has this part...I would love if one could make me new part...

similar whit same valve spring preasure if there is one??






Edited by Niko Hynninen
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hey Niko! how are you? the hammer looks great :)


If you can pull the whole valve, and take some photos of it for me I might be able to help, I think I know the part you need <_<


(the Anyang hammers are heavily 'influenced' by the design of the Beche, I have a 75 kg Anyang I will take to bits to show you what you need.) I think it looks a little like a mushroom, located with a spring.

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John :D


Im fine, thanks for asking.


I try get more shoots of whole secondary valve, I do see the cone in side of it

so it should be something like that you wrote. If you have time to shoot those pics that

would help me to find this piece better??

I hope this will run some day?




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Hello Niko!

Nice find!

Those guys are in France but they might be able to help you. When I visited their shop, they had four Beche refurbished.

They have a good reputation and can get you the part you need I think.





Good luck with the hammer!



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