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Taurus 15

erik markman

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Hi all,


This is something different from me.


Blade guard and pommel made of O1.

Guard and pommel also hardened.

Black Gunkote coating ( thanks Toni!).

OD green Micarta handle.


Bladelength 15 cm.

Overall length 27,8 cm.

This knife will get a sheath made by Martin Swinkels.


Ther will be 12 cm, 10 cm and damascus versions of this knife in the near future.


Thanks for looking!










Merry Xmas!

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Thank you all for your nice comments!




The Taurus is not a full integral, I usually make them like this:






The Taurus has the about the same bolster as the knife above but with a separate guard added behind that. Wich leaves much more room for a tang that is much stronger than possible on a conventional knife.




This is the tang before tapering the tang, the size of the tang is 12 mm thick by 18,5 mm high. ( see below )








This is a topvieuw of the tang before tapering. ( see below )








This is the tang after tapering the tang and flattening the back side of the bolster, the size of the tang is still 12 mm x 18,5 mm measured against the bolster. ( see below )








Guard, handle and pommel fitted. ( see below )








Hardened and partially finished all steel parts. The blade is differentially hardened. ( see below )






Testfitted before final finishing, etching my logo, beadblasting and coating. The end of the tang is still 7,5 mm x 9,5 mm where it goes through the pommel. ( see below )








Knife finished and assembled, tang peened. The peening is the strongest way of fixing a handle, it has been done for over a thousand years so it must be good.








Knife finished. 8)








I hope this gives you more insight on the construction of this knife. It is not the easy way but it leaves much more room to make the strongest construction possible.




Thanks for looking!





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