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Viking Age Broad Axe

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I have been working on Viking style broad axes for a while now and I wanted to show an example of one. All of the pieces I have done in this style use the Scandinavian type "D" shaped eye which is both beautiful and utilitarian. It is a harder eye to produce than the round, Baltic style eyes which I have used up until now, but it is very satisfying to forge. So far all of the poll welds have survived the eye-forging process (knock on wood). The axe shown below is the subject of a tutorial in the History Forum (pinned topic). I have also included a picture of some ash-hafted axes done this year.


Finish side.jpg


Finish top.jpg


Hafted axes 2010.jpg


The largest axe head is 7-3/4" long and sits on a haft which is 54" long (requested by the new owner - he will probably trim its length a bit).

In the upcoming year I intend to do some axe forging classes for interested persons - I am test running such a class right now and the students' first pieces are coming out quite well.


I would like to thank Don Fogg and the whole Forum community for your positive comments and support in 2010. I wish you all a wonderful New Year. Now get out there and bang on some steel!

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