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Leaf Blade dagger - Proof of concept

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I just finished machining my first dagger blade. It is really a proof of concept as I will likely not complete this blade but rather take the tons of lessons learned and apply to a slightly longer full tanged version of this blade as my next project. I have only made one knife to completion, a forged and completely hand made rail road spike hunter over a year ago, so I'm anxious to take what I've learned in the machining realm and finish a second knife.


Here is an image of the design I built in CAD:




This next photo shows the blade after I just completed profiling it:




In this photo I've made some roughing passes using a .5 inch Ball End mill to rough in the blade and fuller.




This next image shows a finishing pass with a 3/16 Ball End mill. You can see the fuller and plunge lines are refined here.




Closer shot of the ricasso area.




In this shot I'm done maching the blade and ready to pull it from off the bridges holding it to the steel frame. It is to my KMG after that.




This was a very long project for me...and very rewarding. I knew nothing about CAD or CNC a year ago and it is a whole new world of possibility and fun. It has been very exciting, and sometimes painfully slow, to go from idea, to design to a roughed in blade.


Thank you for looking.


Shane Harvey

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Guys, I've seen this machine in person (Shane is my next door neighbor). It is awesome.


The blade he just milled out would take very little time to bring to a smooth finish on a grinder or even hand sanding.


I'm pscyhed about collaborating with Shane on future projects (i.e. bumming the use of his expensive machine . . .LOL!) No, seriously, we're going to make a couple of damascus swords in the upcoming year. I'm forging the damascus and he's going to design and profile them on his machine.


I'm sure this sort of project will bring up a discussion of "hand made" vs. "machine made." However, I can tell you that Shane has spent at least as much time "building" this blade on the computer as I would have using tools.


Here's a vendor photo of his CNC machine.





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Looks very "Bronze Age" to me..but am I the only one wondering how you are going to attach a grip on this or is this going to be some sort of folding knife like the afore mentioned "butterfly" idea??


Just curious...



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I would guess that any knife maker who looked at this might have that question jump immediately to mind. Nope, good question.


This project was the first blade I have designed in CAD, used a CAM program to figure out how I was going machine it and then go to the CNC machine for machining. Having no experiece with any of these things it was totally new territory and I had alot to learn. So for me this began as a proof of concept blade that I never really intended to turn into a finished blade. I just wanted to find out how it was done.


My next project will be a slightly longer versioin of this that will have a tang designed in so I can finish it. I guess I could Tig weld some ready rod to this design though. Thanks for the question.


Shane Harvey

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interesting... but i think you could have done it without the mill... just a grinder is needed


some sword guys already do something similar


if it were me... then i'd try to push the design into some crazy directions that grinders couldn't go.. think that would open some doors


so far the ones i've seen on other forums are actually kinda stale ... but then again they are made by machinists, and definitely not artists ;)



or if you want buck's... by jeez make some folders... look at this guy



look at the price... not bad for pressing a button

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