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Sword Bend and Cut Test Video

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Hey guys.

Andy and I have been up to a lot of work with MDW both in and out of the shop lately, but we've felt really bad & guilty as we've been neglecting the forum and haven't been sharing as much as we would like to... :/ So here's a start to change that:




Andy had the idea of filming this quick simple video demonstrating the quality of our blades, and make it also with the aim of showing the basics of how a well made blade should act.


Now obviously You guys know everything and much more than whats shown & said in this video.. So we feel a little goofy and embarrassed even showing it off to you guys. :) But it was a video that we had to make whether we wanted to or not, mainly due to the fact that we receive an overwhelming amount of comments and emails asking the basic & somewhat silly questions, mainly from people who's only knowledge of swords is from movies and video games. So in that regards it was a really good video to make.

Just please forgive us for any noob-ish incorrect or incomplete statements said in the video... ;)



The other reason behind wanting to make this video is that Andy and I have been sitting down and prioritizing what our passions and goals are in terms of the craft for the next 5 years & beyond. And for me it is definitely perusing the artistic side of the craft, and sticking to doing commissions and custom one of a kind blades. While Andy on the other hand is wanting to switch gears and focus more on simply improving his knowledge of the craft itself and then sharing it with other people any way he can (which I think is friggin awesome)

So this video is mainly his and is an example of him starting that goal.


Neither Andy or I consider ourselves even close to being able to teach at any professional level, but it is a goal that Andy is primarily aiming to reach further down the road. And the way that's going to look immediately is him teaching what we do know via the web through videos and his blog, while also signing up and attending as many classes as he (and I) can. As we obviously have a lot to yet learn.


Even when we do reach the level where we're comfortable teaching people face to face we still want our goal to be learning with people, not simply showing them our way of doing things. There's no sense in ever pretending you've mastered this craft as you can never stop learning... :)



The other reason for taking two different routes within MDW is because my life and Andy's are rapidly changing and are very different.

He just got engaged and will be getting married in the spring (woot woot) ;), and he'll also be focusing on finishing up college.

While I on the other hand am done with collage and am doing custom work within MDW full time, along with my personal graphic design work on the side as a supplement income.


So obviously Andy will not have the same amount time to be in the shop that I will, but that doesn't mean either of us has to quit on our goals and give up.

We're really stoked for the future and really want to continue MDW not as our personal dumb little business to make a profit, but to have MDW be an umbrella for different like minded bladesmiths & artists to come together and inspire each other.


We're not exactly sure how the change of me being the primary custom sword maker/artist and Andy being the craft learning/researching-teacher will look, but no matter how it looks we know it will be awesome and we're excited!



We just finished up a huge batch of commissions that we haven't even posted online yet, so those will be soon shared.

Let us know what ya think

Thanks a ton guys!

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Well done. :)



I think those two words from Howard pretty much says it all.


I will add that chopping away at the mild steel plate like it was wood is pretty impressive.



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That bend test was VERY impressive. 90 degrees for the ABS test? Bah! MDW will see your 90 degrees and raise you another 90 degrees!


Great job on the video guys. Seriously, I think producing these less polished videos in greater quantity is definitely the way to go. You seem to have the knack for marketing via social networking. It only takes one video going viral before you're a household name.


Your work is inspiring, but I think that the passion and gravity you both bring to the craft is even more inspirational.


Well done, men.



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When I click on play I get a message that says; "This video is private". :(

Same here!
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