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Best Hydralic Press to purchase

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I am going to jump into forging. This is a whole new arena for me though I have made a few billet's at my buddy's house so I have had a taste of it.


I want to buy both a forge and a hydralic press. For a forge I am considering one of the chile forges:


http://www.chileforg...ro_details.html (my friend Dave has one of these and likes it)


Anybody have an opinion on whether to go with the one burner or two burner models?


For a Hydralic press I am considering Uncle Al's press:




I have read elsewhere that the noise made by this press is substantial compared to others. Can anybody comment on that?


Thanks for any insights!


Shane Harvey

Anchorage Alaska

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Build your own forge and save $550. It's way easier than it looks, even if you have a welder cut the entrance, back door and burner hole. The rest is simple plumbing fittings.




Once you understand this design, you can put that simple, cheap, energy efficient burner to use in other forge designs. I have an upright like pictures above and a horizontal that I use for soaking big billets.


I have a Riverside / Uncle Al's press. I like it, though I can't speak to the noise. I recall playing with a couple others that seemed comparable in this regard. I wear earplugs when I'm forging for the sake of the treadle hammer, the anvil and my ears. The press is the quietest by far and you should wear earplugs too! ;)

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I have that press and it is great. It is a little loud but nothing that I worry about and I live in a suburban neighborhood with fairly close neighbors. Another option for a forge is the economy forge from diamondback iron works. I picked one up a few weeks ago for 250. A vertical forge like posted above makes forge welding damascus a dream but a horizontal forge is great for general forging as you dont need to have a handle welded on to each peice. I use both and the both have strenghts and weaknesses.

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i have the chile one burner tabasco forge with the newer burner and expensive but i love it works great welding temps achievable.

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I have the two-burner chile forge (with the round not oval window). Get it plug-n-play, so you can take one burner out and fill a lot of the interior space with firebrick. That way, when you are forging, you don't use as much fuel and you only heat a small section. Go back to two burners for straightening, heat-treating, and welding. You don't just turn one burner off. You take it out and plug the hole with kaowool.


edited to add: if you are going to weld, buy 2 or 3 of their protective shelves. You eat through one of them about every 3 or 4 sword-sized high-layer billets. give or take. I am looking into using stainless steel as a protector instead, because it costs about the same for the sheet to protect, but hopefully stainless will resist borax better. You want a clean shelf and a dirty one, that way you can rotate and never really get the floor of the forge exposed to anything.


I also own Al's hydraulic press. I couldn't be happier with it. Had it for 4 years. No issues, just add some grease every now and then. Have him put casters on it for an extra 200, so you can roll it around.


I did exactly what you are planning, and I have a functional shop in one bay of a garage.


best of luck,



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