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Hello everybody,


this is a pair of knives I made. The bladematerial is from the same damascus bar, 200 layers, the fittings are old puddle iron and the wood for the handle and the slabs is from the same Mackassar ebony block.

I still have to make the sheath for the hunter.


The folder is a linerlock with titanium liners, they are heat blued like the screws.


Folder und Fixed.jpg


Folder groß.jpg


Folder Detail.jpg


Fixed groß.jpg


Fixed Detail.jpg


BR Cyrus

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Those are both beautiful. The more look at the the more I like them. Very subtle. How is that pattern made, if you don't mind me asking? Todd

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Hi guys,


thank you for the compliments!!!


@ Hussain j., Shukran Habibi


@ Dave, that is for sure a big compliment, Uli and I are close friends since 10 years he has been a big influence in my knifemaking career.


@ Greg, yes the hunter is a good one and I am glad you like him and the folder. If you happen to be over in Germany, we will make one ;-).


@ Todd, it is just a wild (random?) pattern. I started with 25 altering layers of a simmilar steel like O1 and 15N20, the outer layers were thick O1 the innerlayers were thin material. By folding the packet,the thick layers will also double, by that you achieve those big black lines. I hope this helps.

Edited by Cyrus
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