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How I make micarta

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Here is how make my denim micarta, I looked at a handful of other online tutorials and started messing around. I really like using it because I can make it cheaper than I can get decent handlewood (at least for now, I'm trying to find good sources) and you can make some really cool looking patterns.


Obtain some fabric, I like denim. I went to goodwill and found a pair a blue jeans, and a pair of hunter green jeans. Heres what I got.




Next I cut off the legs and cut them down the seam.




After we do this with both legs we now have a set of shorts that would make even daisy duke blush.




Cut out the other seam in the leg so that now I have two pieces of flat peices of denim to cut our strips from.




Do this with both legs on both jeans, you should have 4 flat seamless pieces of each color.




Now I cut a bunch of (fairly) same sized rectangles. In this pile I have 18 pieces of denim, after this I decided to thin it some so I made it 15 pieces thick.





Now I take the cloth outside and do the messy part. Because of the sticky mess all over my gloves I didn't want to take pictures, so i set the camera on a tripod and took a video.




After letting it dry overnight you can take it out and trim the edges off. Now it's ready to use.


I just finished a knife handle that used some of this micarta batch. Soon as theres a day with decent lighting I'll take some pics and post them.



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Excellent tutorial Stephen. I plan on making some micarta in the near future, and this was a big help.



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great video! i was thinking of doing this but with the addition of like a rubber sanding block to act as a squeegy to glide across the material to spread the extra epoxy. do you think that would work or be effective at all?

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