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Handle components ready for drilling and fitting. I added a rounded copper guard which I didn't photograph


Glued together in my little gluing jig. I use black glue and black spacers in case the fit is not perfect it is hidden well. I do try to make it fit perfect though


Clamp removed, ready for grinding.


Profiling the shape...


Rough rounding..


Almost final shape...


Preparations for carving


Final carving pattern.


Finished blade...



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That is truly a beautiful knife, something to be proud of carrying every day!

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Nice work!


I'm from Finland, and it's great to see that these kind of Nordic knives are made all over the world.


And in fact, the Finnish word is "puukko", not "puuko".


Thanks for the compliments. I love 'Puukko' knives. I can't seem to make enough of them. Still trying to refine my design tho. would love to get some of my blades into Finland and some of the other Scandinavian countries.

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