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just a bowie

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hi all,


this one was made for a customer, who prefers knives, which are ´a bit longer´...



W1 forged

wrought iron

desert ironwood

33cm total

20cm blade only

6,0-2,0mm thickness


thanks for looking!





















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Awesome! That blade is just so perfectly shaped. A few questions if you don't mind - how did you groove the butt cap and guard pieces, and what is going on towards the spine of the blade just below the forge finished area? It looks like another hamon up there, especially in the last pic.

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thank you all for your kind posts!


@george ranier,


the butt cap and the other parts are grooved with small round jewelery-files.

this curved line directly under the scale-section seems to be a decarbonated (right term??) surface-area.

for sure not a second hamon- unfortunatelly...:-(((


best regards


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Gorgeous...very graceful.

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