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file sharpening service!!!

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I stumbled across a thread on a machinist forum regarding a file sharpening service. Most of my files are shot, and many of them were my grandfather's and are 40 or 50 years old - or older!


I sent out 14 files to Boggs Tool & File Sharpening Company, 14100 Orange Avenue, Paramount, CA 90723 on January 24th. At least 5 of the files were what I would have thought were spent, including a couple mill bastards and a big rat tail file that was my grandfather's.

I just took th old files and wrapped them in newspaper, rolling one from the corner and then adding another each time the roll covered the first one, taped them up good and tight, and boxed them up. I dropped a note in the box asking them to contact me about payment. The invoice asked me to mention how many files I was sending in the package next time.


I received them back today, and I can't tell you how impressed I am. Even the ones they marked as 'rejects' (meaning "please don't send us these again, there's not much left in them") came back sharp enough to use, and the good ones are sharper than when they were new!!!!


Better still, this service is so darn cheap it borders on lunacy. All 14 files including shipping back to me cost $24.82!!!!! You can't buy one good file for that cheap...



Check them out - it's absolutely painless and the files are hella sharp!

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Hi Chuck!


I've tried the battery acid method before, and you're right - it works. However, my results weren't like what I got from these folks. When I used the acid, it certainly increased the 'bite' of the files, but it didn't last long. These really work like new files!


Loved your sheath dvd, btw.


How ya surviving the winter up there, Dick? You folks are getting pelted this year, eh?

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Alexander Weygers talks about acid sharpening in one of his books. (I have the newer one that combines all three of the older books.) But what the Boggs Tool guys are doing actually involves some kind of abrasive -- a slurry, I think.

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