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I a sure most everyone noticed the forum was down for a couple days there, I like to think there's no closed doors here so here's what went down. we exceeded our bandwidth limit for uploaded photos by 2GB. Dave called and talked to them and got it fixed, but we (by "we" I mean Dave's rocking tech guys) need to offload 2GB of photos, so we'll be archiving the oldest photos, and then archive alot of the oldest threads and information of the forum into a read only version, like a greatest hits album.


another long term fix to see this does not happen again is we must stress that your uploaded file sizes be the correct size, or even better you use an outside photo hosting source such as Picassa, I use facebook. to insert your photo, after resizing you download it to Picassa, then right click on the photo and select "copy image location", then in your post click the little tree photo icon and paste your URL in between the IMG codes. Let's all work together to not put stress and strain on our bandwidth, we got a good deal goin, thanks!!!

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