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first 2 for 2011 and the 3rd going out the door...


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HI. After building 1 atmospheric propane forge i scrapped it and built another. I made about 20 test knives all of which were tested to destruction and taken through all phases of heat treat and tempering. The steel i used was brand new 5160. this allowed me to get down the different steps to at least a decent competence...especially in the heat treat area. so enough about me on to the knives. The first one is 5160, the brass bolsters are from a grease bus bar wrecked out of a power plant, and the pearl looking handle is bowling ball type material with brass 1/8 brass pins. Its obviously a skinner. I have big hands so the handle is probably on the longish size. The temper on both of these knifes was 425deg for 2 hrs, 2 times.






This knifes still is not polished and some finishing touches on the brass. i have been working to much. and final razor still needs to be put on it.



OAL of this knife is 9 3/4 in. Blade tip to bolster is 3 1/2in


















knife 2



Steel is 5160, handle is palm wood treated with super glue and roughly polished





The sheath was a first for me but besides decorating it it turned out great, needs a tad bit of finishing

Knife AOL:7", blade 3.5" tip to wood slab






This knife is my everyday carry knife so it stays forge finished and razor sharp.... I wish i was able to pinpoint the RC of the steel but i just finished a maple hammer for my leather working and carved the handle with it for about an hour the blade is still just as sharp as it was when i started.


COMMENTS AND CRITICS welcomed thanks for looking.




3rd knife 2011




steel: 5160 handle wood purpleheart wood with brass pins hand carved on my belt grinder.




black leather sheath hand tooled by me with a relief of blade in the sheath so it is sheathed correctly and an eagle in in the blade etch with some background distressing, and edge punching.


this was a first commission peice, i had a chunk of steel left from some sickles i made for the practice then started to straighten back out a guy saw it wanted me to put edges on it and heat treat it with a sheath so i traded him 2 full propane tanks and some cash for the work hehe......he got a sweet knife and i got used to getting in a customers head as this was not what i would envision at all.......but its going along side his conceal and carry, the knife sheath is configred to be carried sideways in the small of his back and no matter forward backward slash or pierce its going to leave a mark....

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