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Andy Davis

Bronze castings WIP

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I am enrolled in a casting and marriage of metals (Mokume Gane) class at the local University. here are a few of the projects i have been working on with the casting aspect of things. The ring and toy soldier are centrifugal, the texture studies are vacuum castings. I will post a few pictures of the things I’ve done in Mokume in the following weeks, but for now I'm focusing on getting the castings out of the way so i can clean them up later.


Most of these castings I have not done any clean up, other than grind the sprues off. These all came out of 3 flasks, one had all the texture studies and where vacuum cast with 600g of bronze. The others where centrifugal cast with 200g of metal.


Anyone know of any Mokume artists with a website? something other than ring makers preferably.


Let me know what you guys think, I PROMISE I will get back to swords in the next post!




-Mad Dwarf Workshop-





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Although there are a lot of pieces of jewelry on these pages there is also some other stuff.

I have been messing with Momume for a few years now and it is an obsession.

I just did a small test run of shim stock, high and low carbon steel bonded to copper.

I did it wired between to steel plates and hand hammered it to set it.

It worked fine.

Ariel has a tutorial on his website and that is what I have been working on lately.

Shim stock can be bought in 100" rolls on Mcmaster carr

I did the first run with .003' stock and my next order was .009 or .01

I think the thicker will work a little better but it allows for a very high layer run with minimal forging of the billet before working to pattern it.

I look forward to seeing your pics.


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Have you tried Ganoskin archives? A quick check showed something over 3000 docs related to mokume, but I stopped there.


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man am I drooling over those texture studies Andy. I would kill to be able to make figured pieces like that for guards and bolsters. uggghhh.. another thing I need to learn.

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