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Here's my first blade in years. Finished it last Saturday night, so the name was obvious. I ground the blade from some nice ladder-pattern Damascus that I purchased from a grandfatherly person on my last trip to Carbondale, Illinois. The grips are made from the last two scraps of mastodon ivory from my ancestral trading house. They were exported from Kiev sometime around 1800 and have been hanging around ever since, looking for something to do.

It's good to be back: the last two years have been dreadful, with my wife coming down with c.dif in 2009, then her sudden death from pneumonia this past December. We had been together for 33 years. Only now am I re-engaging with the world. Oddly, I'm financially independent, now, thanks to some fortunate investments. I'd gotten into that to finance my knife business, much as Shakespeare funded his theater.

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welcome back. I can't imagine what you have gone through, but I am certain that immersing yourself in something creative and challenging is a good thing.


And, that is one beautiful dagger. You shouldn't let your talents stay idle, its good for you and its good for the rest of us.


thanks for sharing, situation and blade.



by the way - I love the Molly Ivins quote.

(I am a displaced Texan who dreams of retiring to Austin)


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same here.. ( you had a cool nickname)


really sorry about your loss, that is truly terrible to hear





your dirk is very nice, you haven't lost your touch







Welcome back Charles. I hope your life will be more settled.

I still think of you as Voltaire. :rolleyes:



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Welcome back, Charlie!


I too am deeply sorry to hear of your loss, I had no idea... :(


However, that dirk is just delicious pointy goodness, frame handle and all.


And if you want to be Voltaire again I'll do it. ;)

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