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ole jezabelle

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this one was named by the new owner. I forged it from some 3/4'' x 1 1/4'' W2 stock I recieved from yours truely the nj baroness.....I mean nj baron :P


I must say, I was directly inspired by the "cloud cutter" I believe done by D Fogg and J Fikes , so it is very similar but still in its own way unique, as my interpretation.


Over all it was about 34'' with a 16'' blade. I rounded off the entire spine except for the sharpened top clip, and gave it a full tapered tang. The blade also had a full taper, making it balanced very nicely.


It was clayed up and quenched in Parks then rubbed to 800grit, didnt make sense to hand rub any farther as I knew the new owner was going to be really putting it to work pretty hard as soon as he recieved it. Even at 800grit I was still very satisfyed with the hamon activity.


thanks for looking











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nice interp of the cloud cutter. w2 really does look great with that type of ht.

I hope the owner appreciates what a wonderful blade that is.


thanks for sharing.



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Wow! Reminds me of a Moro panabas, looks absolutely ferocious. Great hamon, too.

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