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Hello, I have a good source of 15n20 in the form of Uddeholm bandsaw steel, I am starting to get piles of the stuff

and would like to trade some. I am looking for some 1/8" or so, 1075 or 1084.

I would be willing to trade straight across pound for pound. They will be cut into 4" x 11" x .095 thick.


Thanks, Ben

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Hi Ben,

Last fall I bought 500 lbs of 1074 annealed from a wholesale spring steel supplier after having a problem with Admiral.

I would love to swap for some 15N20

It is 3/16 x 2 wide nice clean cold rolled with no mill scale to remove.

I have it cut into 12" peices for shipping in a flat rate box

Pm me and we can work out the details

Thanks Steve

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