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Imprisoned Folder WIP

Serge Panchenko

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Oh that's not fair!!! I have to wait until TOMORROW!!....ok. :)

Troy Allen Christianson is NOT a "Licensed Bladesmith" so you may treat his posts with the contempt they deserve.

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I apologize for not getting more pics made of the process, but the good news is that the folder is finished. This one will be available for sale on my website in a few days when I make a sheath for it. "Imprisoned" was ALOT of work, but I think it came out well. Hope you guys like it!


"Imprisoned"No. 263

Steel: Clay Tempered 1080

Handle: Left scale is textured and antiqued copper.

Right scale is heavily textured and antiqued carbon steel with a copper "vein" and brass bars.

Spacer: Textured bronze.

Overall Length: 5 3/4"

Blade Length: 2 3/8"


I just want to say a few words as to what made me call this folder with it's name. To me, the copper scale, with it's vertical grooves and an arched shape represents a dungeon, the vertical grooves are of course cells. I can almost see a shape of an unfortunate person in each... The obverse side, shows a prisoner, disfigured from years of imprisonment digging his way out, straining with all his might to escape.











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Too many new ideas in one ohmy.giftongue.giftongue.gif

I really like the mix of metals and the two different sides and the open copper side for ease of opening... very cool ... like I say so many new ideas ...laugh.gif

Neat direction you are headed in...Thanks for showingsmile.gif

As there will be lots of people viewing this I would like to bring up a point we all need to start paying attention to... As you may know the forum has gone down recently cause of bandwidth problems.. the problem is there are too many photos in our archives ... The photos are as informative as the text and in some cases even more so . There is no way that text could describe the folder you just showed here. Dave has posted a thread about this. We all need to read it . It is about posting your photos on photo hosting site and having a link to it in your text... I'm speaking for myself here that when I see a thread that just has a link sometimes I will skip it cause I don't have the time to follow the link... when I had dial up I never followed a link unless I knew what I was going to see.. So as a compromise between the two perhaps it would be good to show a" teaser" photo or two and then a link to see a batch of photos... This also is a good way to post large sized photos of your work without eating up our bandwidth... It's the large photos that eat up the most space on this forum... and too many OK sized ones will eventually fill us up too... We are trying to keep this forum free to all ... If we can't control our bandwidth we won't be able to afford the upgrade the way it is set up now...

I apologize for stealing your thread Serge, Cause your work is so cool I thought it to be a good vehicle to bring this subject up... A lot of us don't read all the posts here ...especially

the ones at the top pertaining to the forum..I'm hoping to broaden the message of our bandwidth problems... Thankscool.gif


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Dick, those are hosted on Photobucket and are not taking up our bandwidth. ;)


Any time you wonder about it, just right-click on the photo and select "properties" from the menu that appears, and it'll tell you where the photo is being hosted. Good lecture, though! :lol:


Serge, you just keep getting more incredible. :blink:

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Stunning work Serge!

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That is just 9 kinds of awesome. I can't bring myself to try the heavily textured technique in my constructions, but I love it here. I'm afraid anything I tried would just look like a cheap rip-off of your ideas... but it has a very "steampunk" feel to it, rough but terribly refined and purposeful. I don't have that touch yet. Someday, maybe.

The Tidewater Forge

Christopher Price, Bladesmith

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That is really great!!! I love how you come up with something completely new everytime!

"Stale water is poor drink. Stale skill is worse. And the man who walks in his own footsteps only ends where he began."


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This is a really wonderful piece of work, I love everything about it. The clean bolts on the textured surface really adds to the overall piece, and extending the texture to the brass ends really pulls everything together. Can't say enough good things about it! Keep up the good work.

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I think Christopher said it best,

rough but terribly refined and purposeful.

Excellent work man. Don't stop.

George Ezell, bladesmith

" How much useful knowledge is lost by the scattered forms in which it is ushered to the world! How many solitary students spend half their lives in making discoveries which had been perfected a century before their time, for want of a condensed exhibition of what is known."

view some of my work

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