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This hawk has a 19" oak haft made from a Home Depot 2"x2". The 8 1/2" head is hand forged from a Bush Hog blade. There are feathers a raw hide wrap grip and sinew on the haft.

As always any and all comments are welcome.




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very creative and beautiful. I don't know if you would want to chop a few trees with it, but it would definitely be a heck of a weapon in a melee. That and a little wood or rawhide shield and you could defend yourself against everything up to maybe spears. Maybe.


the wood is incredible considering where you started with it.



I guess the use of a burl would keep the grain from splitting? That may be a good tip for future work.



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Nice work Wade. Couple of question for ya. First is the style tribe specific? Second is the taper from the blade to the spike constant or is there a step in it? Third if there is a step is there a structural reason for it?




Daniel Piotte

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I thank you all for the comments.


Blacklionforge, I am no expert on African tools/weapons but in my 20 plus years as a carpenter I avoided knots when there were structural concernes. Look at a wood baseball bat you will never find a knot. Although knots are very hard they create a weak spot in wood because of the surrounding grain. The swirly grain of a burl, if it is healthy, would most likely be very strong. Thanks for your reply and if I am incorrect I hope someone will chime in and set us all straight.


Kevin, I wouldn't be using this style for falling timber either, you are correct it would work well on the battlefield. If someone were coming at me with this I would be headed the other direction.


danpiotte, It is not tribe specific. There is a step with three steel pins and epoxy all for structual purpose. I dought very much that this hawk will be a user although it has a hair popping edge.



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