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The Scalpel and some Whimsy Madness for sale


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The Scalpel: 5160 mirror polished, with acrylic accent on handle.


AOL: 7 1/4 in. BL: 3 3/8 in. tip to choil. Blade thickness: 3/32 in.




Price $175.00 u.s. + S&H





Whimsy Madness: Fun EDC or kitchen slicer made from 5160 and mirror polished; with custom wave file work over 3/5th's of the blade and entire handle, including part of the finger choil. The file work is raised from the handle slabes as an accent and to provide extreme gripping in wet conditions. Acrylic hand polished to 12000 grit with silver pins.


OAL : 8 1/2in. BL: 4 3/8 in tip to finger choil



Sheath available upon detailed request.




Price: $135.00 u.s +S&H.


In god we trust, all others use paypal. If a different payment arrangement is needed PM me or contact me at:




Thanks for looking!

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