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First "finished" Blade

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Made this one from 1080. It's 10 inches overall. 4.5 inch handle. 5.5 inch blade. 2.5 inch clip is sharpened. I tried to do a clay heat treat but no luck bringing out a hamon. I guess those come with time.

Also made the Micarta for the handles. Stainless tubes for pins. I even tried my hand at a sheath. Thanks for looking!






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Nice, great job for so early on. I wish mine would look like that . . .

One thing that bugs me though is the very tip, how it sort of goes strait for a quarter of an inch or so. Accident or intentional?

Good job on the sheath too.


Catch the wind in mainsails high,

Race the dark and stormy skies.

Land ahoy! To port we ride,

And there we drink our hearts to nigh.

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