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3 new knives


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I haven't posted here in a while. Took about a two year break from playing at the forge and am still learning. That being said I would appreciate input (good or bad).


Here we go I have 3 knives today. The first 2 were made as a set. 160 layer 15N20 and 1095, Ebony, brass, camphor burl, purple heart.


The second Is W2 and Ebony with mosaic pins.




4.25" blade with 3.75" edge. 8.75" OAL Low layer guard





3.5" blade with 3.25" edge. 8.0" OAL pinged mild guard





5" edge 9.5" OAL




Will take Check or money order ship free in the states

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:blink: still learning? How long have you been "still learning?" I know you are always learning, even as a master, but jeez, give yourself some credit! These are great!

Matthew Dempsey
Archangel Blades
Custom Knives


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#2 Sold others still available


Thanks Matthew. I was just saying as the maker I see everything I could have done better or different. There are many firsts for me on these, and I would have gone about it much different knowing what I learned from these. There is about 60 hours of touch time in these 3.

Edited by Bret
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#1 Sold


#3 still available

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