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I read something I had never heard before in the last newsletter I got from the Alabama forge council.I believe it was Clay Spencer who wrote it.He mentions using plain flour to treat burns.He said a guy who was in Vietnam told him about a guy catching on fire and all they had was a big bag of flour to put him out.Apparently the guy didint even blister after being burned.He said the next time he burned himself(accidental submersion of his hand into boiling water)he tried it.After putting his hand into the flour for 10 or 15 mins he had absolutely no pain and no blistering.I havent burned myself very bad lately,but the last minor one I tried it and to my amazement it worked.It didnt really ever get sore and itch like burns do,on me anyway.He recommended not holding it under running water or anything.Just to keep it in the flour for 15 mins or so.Worked for me.

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I'd not heard of packing a wound with pure sugar. I have heard of using salt. The crazy ex-military guy (my friend) up the road advocates its use on everything preceeded by whisky =P


I've personally not tried it lol.

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