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Aircraft Cable for pattern welding?

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I want to try my hand at forging steel cable but I have been having a hard time finding a "good" wire rope to use. The only type i can find in abundance is galvanized steel aircraft cable 1/4'. I was thinking of unraveling the cable, putting it in a bath of muriatic acid to get the zinc off, then throw it in the forge like any other wire rope. Is aircraft cable suitable for this?

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Hello Trevor welcome to the forum.

It is not worth the effort to try and clean up cable that small.

You can get old used cable from a lot of different places like scrap yards ,farmers towing companys if you look around you will be able to find some decent big cable.

I see you are from Ont. so if you can't find any i will find you some if you are willing to pay the shipping. But leave the aircraft cable in the hardware store.



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Trevor, I would suggest that you look up mobile crane operators in your area & make a visit. I'll bet you ten GBP vs 10 Ca$ that when you go there'll be an old fellah that will be only too happy, for a small renumeration, to give you as much "birds nest" cable as you can tek away (make sure you have some cutting gear (oxy/acetelyne or oxy propane (mebbe they''l have some there) or an angle grinder) & plenty of old blankets to protect your car from the grease.


I gave the boss of the local crane Co. a knife made from his cable as a thankyou, I know I can allays go back for more ;)


Back to your OP, I wouldn't bother with galvo rope, 's not (IMO) worth the hassle, get some good stuff! :D

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I found a local manufacturer of wire rope. The guys were quite helpful and refered me to the head of their "Laborotory." They apparently cut two meter lengths of Rope for load testing and then oly use about half a meter. I have not been back to find out whether I can purchase or just take the scrap, but I have seen a skip full of the stuff in various thicknesses. Maybe you could call a local Wire Rope Manufacturer?


Also the overhead gantry cranes that are used in the steel industry use some nice sized cable. Call scrapyards that are near your steel industry.




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