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I forged this sword from a single piece of rebar. I have been reading up about swords for a while now and after watching a program on the king cobra, I was inspired to forge a sword with a king cobra motif.


I left the rebar grooved pattern the handle on purpose for extra grip. The snake part that also forms the guard and quillion is 55cm long and is shaped in a stirrup type fashion. I also managed to forge the quillon into a cobra head shape.


I grinded a fuller into the blade and blackened the whole thing...because the king cobra is black.


Pretty cool sword and just as dangerous and deadly as the animal itself. :P


Here are some photos of the finished sword. Lemme know if you want to see photos I took when making it.













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Welcome to the forum, Francois!


That's a great first post, a seriously cool idea, and very nice execution. Good job! B)


And yes, some process pictures would be lovely.

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To ask an obvious, and perhaps stupid, question: Is rebar high carbon? I didn't think that it was.


It would be a shame to have made something so awesome out of low carbon steel.


Welcome to the forum. As Alan said, we'd love to see some process pics.




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To ask an obvious, and perhaps stupid, question: Is rebar high carbon? I didn't think that it was.

"Common" rebar is made per ASTM A615, which gives requirements on physical characteristics like strength and surface deformations. The only chemistry requirement is that phosphorous be less than 0.06%

One of the other most common types of bar is A706 or "weldable" rebar. This has an upper limit of 0.3% Carbon.

Looking at the bar stamp on the grip, it looks like it is a 32mm (#10) bar, so it's likely manufactured outside the US.

So.... there's no way of knowing what the content is, but it's probably pretty low.


All that aside, that's one crazy cool piece of work!

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Thanks for the great reviews. Although it's made of rebar which is of lower carbon content, I can tell you that it surely did take on enough hardness to keep an edge. I am also surprised by its springy flexibility...maybe the fuller makes it flex better..not sure ^_^


Here's some photos of the process:


Selected a piece of rebar

2011-04-25 13.11.08.jpg


Forged out the blade side first

2011-04-25 15.38.43.jpg


Then drew out the snake part

2011-04-27 11.28.37.jpg


2011-04-27 13.10.36.jpg


Cleaned the scale from the blade and snake

2011-04-29 18.50.02.jpg


Then forged the guard part and cobra hood on the horn and also added the eyes with a punch

2011-04-29 20.24.45.jpg


2011-04-29 20.25.27.jpg


I then grinded in the fuller and edges with "Biter" my grinder and also punched on my logo.

2011-04-30 08.54.09.jpg


2011-05-01 11.45.15.jpg


2011-05-01 11.45.27.jpg


2011-05-01 11.45.36.jpg


After this I did the heat treatments, sharpened & polished the blade and cleaned the handle and guard on the wire brush. I then blackened the whole thing....and Voila!

2011-05-02 09.40.41.jpg

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A full integral sword, wow! I wouldn't worry about how high the carbon content on that is because that design is more of a thrusting sword than a cutting sword. Anyway, I don't think that you have any duels lined up and, if you need a weapon for combat, a slab sided .45ACP would serve better (the local laws allowing). That is really some fine work.



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Now if I remember if its 10 bar its 1 1/4" in diameter. That's a lot of steel to be moving by hand. I've made many knives out of 60 grade rebar over the years and never did have a problem with it not hardening up and it can be pretty springy. One thing I have noticed is the larger the bar the less carbon it has. I prefer using 5 and 6 bar. I'll see if I can find a photo of a spear I did a year ago. Nice job on the sword!

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Would love to see the spear. ^_^


Here you go. This was done with 3/4" 60 grade rebar. This was all done with just hand held hammers. Here's 3 knives I made in 1996 out of rebar. http://bladegallery.com/shopexd.asp?id=3093 http://bladegallery.com/shopexd.asp?id=2750





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Sweet rebar knives. Like the Rebar Fighter the most. I have also made a rebar knife a year or more ago but I am a bit shy to show it here or to you. It's in the shape of a drop nose hunter but big-ish and still on 60 grit. I left it like this because I simply wanted a tough and rough knife to chop stuff with. You wanna see?


Then the spear... I love it! Would you mind if I try to make my own in similar fashion? I have not finished a spear yet although I have tried a couple of times when I started out. My skill is better now so I think I will try again.


Thanks for the photos and links.

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Franco, I view these forums as a means to stimulate ideas. What ever I post I hope that is what it does. Your one piece sword is a great example. I'd like to see your knife and also what you can come up with as a spear.


I don't have a piece of rebar that is the right size to make the spear...but will post photos in a new topic once I have done it. Thanks!


Ok I have scraped together enough courage to show you the rebar hunter. Here is the blog post I did for it http://www.iforgeblades.co.za/2010/04/large-rebar-hunter/ you can click on the photos to see them bigger. Did not take many photos of this blade though because it was just an experiment.

rebar hunter.jpg


Then in regards to your rebar knives. I have made a similar type knife but with 1075 modeled on a blade made by Bob Loveless in 1969 for a Doctor. Your rebar knives just made me think about it. Here is the link: http://www.iforgeblades.co.za/2010/07/integral-1075-fighter/



Oops...I guess I am going off topic by adding photos and info of other knives. I am just sooo glad I joined this forum. Wish I had sooner.

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Hi Francois. I'm sorry I have taken this long to respond. I was on a business trip to Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Welcome to the forum. It's really cool that more South African guys are joining here. We can help each other especially when it comes to raw materials.


I love this sword. The concept and the execution are brilliant my friend.



Wayne Viola

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