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A reconditioned rasp


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I just finished this one up. At first I didn't care for it but as I worked on it, it grew on me so I pounded out a bigger one last night. It heat treated well and seems to hold the edge after chopping some persimmon wood. What you think? Overall length on small one=8-5/8", bigger one is 14".


We seem to have an abundance of drift wood with the Ohio spilling out its banks, so slabs are drift wood.



Picture 099.jpg

Picture 101.jpg

Picture 103.jpg

Picture 105.jpg

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Flippen cool. I have also made knives from files, but I tend to grind away too much of the actual file/rasp cuts, but yours came out great. Good job!

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the driftwood scales are realy cool.

rustic and warm.

did you do anything special to prepare or finish them?

any idea what the wood is?



Not sure what wood it is. It was dense and hard. I'm sure the minerals discolored it from the river. Put it in the microwave to make sure there wasn't allot of moisture. The inner contact side has epoxy the outer is coated with bee wax melted in naptha then buffed in it seals pretty good. I used a wood burner to make the worm holes.



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neat - is there a pin under the rawhide or sinew or whatever?


I like the way that looks, too. That sort of knife(I am guessing) is popular with a lot of people for real use and a "conversation piece." If you whip one of those out at a campfire or hunting camp, everyone will know immediately that you have a different sort of knife from a factory blade with no soul. I know my friends like 'em.


Love using files for hunters, too. they are just the right thickness and the material prep is minimal.


the driftwood is jut too cool




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Keithlen, it looks like a screaming eagle on the handle of the first one. Very cool.

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