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Come and hang out saturday?

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Hey everyone, I'm thinking about trying to convince my parents to let some bladesmiths come over here on some saturday in a few months. But before I ask them, I figured I'd gauge interest, if any.


If I did it, it would be more of a hang out than a hammer-in, as I don't really have the setup to do a real hammer-in (and I couldn't even imagine teaching any of ya'll anything). I could probably light a bonfire and do hotdogs or something for lunch. (You know, if it were to happen it'd be a great motivation for me to clean up my shop, which I gotta do sometime soon. <_< )


I live near ( 8 minutes away) Kings MTN NC. If you want to get a closer distance estimate pm me for my address.



Just curious. What do ya'll think? (is there even really anyone near me?)









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