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Two new Viking age axes

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I'd like to show you two recent axe-making efforts in the style of the Viking Age. The first has a blade of plainly tapered thickness which is newly heat-treated but not ground sharp:


9.25 inch right front oblique.jpg


The idea for this axe was to forge-weld in a steel bit which had an attractive weld line between the mild steel body and the 1075 bit. I took care to finish it wholly with hammer-work and file-work except for the fine sanding which was done on the blade. I intend for this to be one of my production axes. It has an edge length of 9.25" and weighs 685 grams. The eye is forge-welded on the back.


The next pictures show a heavy-edged broad axe which could become a production piece if I work out some more tooling for it. The edge on this axe is 11.25" long and it weighs 790 grams. Again the body is mild steel with a 1075 edge.


11 inch monster top oblique.jpg


11 inch monster right side.jpg


11 inch monster left side.jpg


11 inch monster edge.jpg


11 inch monster weld line.jpg


In this case I was trying for a long and fairly wide reinforced edge with a crisp delineation to the thinner blade. I wanted this transition to be a bit subtle (i.e. have a gentle radius and not too big of a step in thickness). I finished it with file-work only beyond the fine sanding on the blade.


They were fun to do and I hope you like them.

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Those are both great, but the raised edge on the second one is just too cool.

That is a really cool look. How do you hold such a precise line on a radius like that? Some kind of curved round file, or is that a trade secret... ;)

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They were fun to do and I hope you like them.


They look amazing. I like the view of the sleek spine the best, but the weld line is very aesthetically pleasing.




Ps: I might come visit again once I manage to make progress on the sax and get some advice from Jeff and you :-)

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