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Walrus and wrought

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I bought a piece of walrus of Don Hanson a few months back and thought you might like to see what i have done with it.

Its the best piece i have seen in the flesh to date. To say it is stunning is an understatement, it positively glows in the sunlight.


anyway, the spec's are:-


Fighter Bowie

Blade - 11 1/4" laddered W's

Guard - Wrought iron with 316 stainless spacers

Handle - Fossil Walrus Ivory, with a stainless rivit

OAL - 16 5/8"


I still need to make some clothes for it.








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Very nice, I've got a couple pieces of walrus I need to make a knife for.


On the "fossilized" It's more accurate to just say "fossil" difference being "fossilized" means it's turned to stone over time. "Fossil" just means it's ancient but not stone.

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Wow, that is beautiful work! the shape is perfect, and the exceptional materials take it over the top. Excellent.

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